Hope breaches the soul of the young,

And throws a bridge deep in her heart,

She touches the other side-

The side where she finds peace,

Times to cry and times to laugh,

And so she hopes, she hopes for things she can’t get,

She knows she would break someday,

Yet, for that small speck of happiness– she hopes♡

Never stop looking up💫


Never stop looking up,
Says the wallpaper on my phone,
Black and blue as the night,
With a tinge of white as the light,
Beautiful it looks,
So deep and so mesmerizing,
That I dwell into the darkness of that image,
And somehow I know,
That in the darkness that has overcome me,
There is a shining beacon anchoring me to the earth,
So that I know the beauty of the world,
Both the dark and the light,
The twinkling stars small and big,
Spread across the image,
Perhaps indicating that beauty could be dark or light,
Only perspective matters,
“Never stop looking up”
Says my wallpaper.

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